Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journal Your Christmas

I'm very excited about this project this year. I just decided last week to give it a go again. I did it (well most of it anyway) back in 2006 and loved it. Now with it being 4 years later I thought it would be a good time to do it again. Things will be different about our Christmases now than they were four years ago, mainly we have another child to share in the joy of the season. I want to capture Christmas in our home as it is right now in these still wonderful, magical years.

To start off, here is my journal I am keeping. It's just a simple 8x8 album I found at Hobby Lobby and decorated a bit with some stash. I actually like how it turned out. I'm hoping to use up some of my over abundant stash with this project and not buy so much new stuff. We'll see how that goes. :)

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  1. Jennifer I am doing this for the first time ever. I was getting behind, and need to make sure I give myself time everyday for this. I feel like I don't have something happen everyday to write about, but I have decided to tell the stories from past Christmas's so my family has them. I am sure with small children you have plenty going on! I need to do Maggie's school program from Friday night-even thought the pics were awful.