Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sometimes it's the Little Things

As I was thinking about what to cook for supper last night, I realized that we were down to our last two boxes of condensed cream soups. Ordinarily this would not be a big deal; I'd just pick some up today when I went to the grocery store. Problem is that Will can no longer eat Campbell's or any other brand of condensed cream soups due to his food allergies. William and I were very excited when we found a boxed brand on condensed soups when we were at Whole Foods in November. Unfortunately the closest Whole Foods is 100 miles away. Since his diagnosis in early October I have changed my cooking and have just made do with out them until we found them in November. There are some family favorites (and quick favorites of mine) that you just cannot make without them. I decided to look up the brand last night and just see if I could find them anywhere else. I went to the Pacific Foods site and was thrilled to find out I could buy them from Amazon . I ordered a case of each of the three flavors and they should be here at the end of the week. William laughed and said I was going a little overboard with ordering over $70 of condensed cream soups, but I was just so happy to find a way to get these for little Will without having to make a trip to the city each time.

And here's a shout out for Swagbucks . I had $25 worth of gift cards in my Amazon account I have gotten through Swagbucks so I actually paid less than $50 and no tax or shipping for the soups. Gotta love a deal!

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